Rubber Expansion Joints / Bellows

Rubber Expansion Joints / Bellows

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DATASEAL INDIA offers cylindrical and rectangular expansion joints for use in all piping systems to provide relief from stresses by thermal expansion, contraction and vibration. Rubber joints are available in a size range from 1 inch(25mm) NB to 60 inch(1500mm)NB mm. Expansion joints are made in different types Viz:  standard single, multiple arch with or without retaining mettallic rings.

Depending on applications and pressure rating, the joints are constructed of high tensile rubber reinforced with Nylon, Rayon,Tyre cord, wire mesh.  Rubber range includes nitrile, neoprene, natural, EPDM, butyl, hypalon and Viton.

The company also offer Rubber and PTFE-Teflon products Viz:  O-rings, Hydraulic Seals, sheets, Diaphragms, Gaskets, Viton Cords, Silicone.